The Practical Benefits of a Murphy BedA Murphy Bed is a great way to utilize your existing space. Do you ever find that you are out growing your space? Or do you ever wish you had an extra room or space for a special project or quiet corner to read or meditate? Do you find yourself only using your bedroom to sleep? Do you ever say to yourself… What a waste of space! Well, the solution is here, it’s a simple and easy way to TAKE BACK YOUR SPACE! There is no need to move to a bigger home or do expensive renovations. A Murphy Bed is down when you need it and up and out of the way when you do not. Therefore, you can utilize your space for more than just a place to sleep. Its like getting a whole new room in your house without the renovation costs. Perhaps you need a home office, a kid’s playroom, a yoga room, den, artists studio or even just room to dance or stretch your legs. A Murphy Bed enables you to fully utilize your existing space. Beautiful armour by day and comfortable bed by night.

What are the differences between Murphy Beds and Wall Beds.

Murphy is a Brand Name… it is a hardware company. A real Murphy Bed consists of a full steel frame that surrounds the mattress for structure, support and comfort. A real Murphy Bed has a one-piece leg that locks the mattress, sheets and comforter in place when closed and fully supports the bed when open, simple strong and easy to use. That’s right… you can store your sheets and comforter with the bed cabinet on a real Murphy Bed. A real Murphy Bed is Balanced, its easy to raise and lower… in fact you can open and close a Real Murphy Bed with just one finger. Anyone can do it without the risk of it falling on them or crushing them. Wall beds are heavy and hard to open and close. A wall bed can have a wood like box around the mattress, legs that need to be pulled out separately, or even worse slats etc. A Murphy Bed has a full steel spring tilt mechanism, not a piston from the trunk of your car and a swivel or slats in a tube frame. A Murphy Bed takes up the smallest footprint and is only 16” deep… not 20” or more like wall beds because wall beds need extra support because the hardware is not as strong a Real Murphy Brand Hardware. A wall bed needs to find some structure with the lack of steel hardware, so it relies on slats etc. to hold the mattress and weight of a person. A Real Murphy Bed has been engineered to hold the most weight (1700lbs rating) almost double that of a wall bed and because of the full steel frame and tilt mechanism hardware it is the safest form of wall beds available today. A real Murphy Bed uses a full-size mattress, not a cut down version like some wall beds. A Murphy Bed has a 25-year warranty and is built to stand the test of time. Wall bed warranty’s range from 1 to 10 years.

Are there differences in Real Murphy Bed Manufacturers.

There are huge difference in manufacturers. Firstly, Beds off the Wall is the Number 1 Rated Murphy Bed Manufacturer in Ontario. Why? Because the use the best material to make their beds. Beds off the Wall uses the highest quality components in the industry. They use the finest board materials; they use an extra thick edge band on all components and they edge band all sides so the furniture continues to look great and ultimately making the product last and look great for a very long time. They use the finest German hardware for their cabinet doors, drawers and handles, not the cheap Chinese knock off hardware the competition uses. Beds off the Wall makes the best products on the market, using the best hardware and components, the best materials all assembled and installed by their own skilled, meticulous and conscientious staff, designed and sold by knowledgeable courteous and caring people. Beds off the Wall is the only choice for an exemplary experience from start to finish… That is why they are rated number one in the industry. Visit their website today at or call and make an appointment to view their Real Murphy Beds.