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Selection — Most popular wall bed sizes and colours are in stock and ready for fast delivery and/or installation — saving you weeks of waiting. Compare this service to the industry standard of 4–12 weeks.

Quality — Following proven wall bed plans — and using the highest quality Murphy bed hardware mechanisms and finish materials — means your Beds off the Wall system is built to last for years.

Dependability — You get a wall bed company dedicated to it’s customers and ready to provide outstanding service with the best possible qualitywall bed materials and mechanisms.

Commitment — From the moment you walk into Beds off the Wall Toronto Murphy Bed showroom, you realize we take the time to figure out your specific needs and design a Wall Bed system that will work for you.

Specialists — Our years of experience coupled with the finest materials insures a trouble free system built to last.

We will help you plan out your new Murphy Wall Bed room and assist you through every step of your purchase from design to manufacturing and project completion.

You get a commitment to quality that always drives us to make things better and keep our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Why Choose Us? It's pure and simple...

Quality is the hallmark of our service. When selecting a wall-bed dealer, you need to have confidence they are always looking at what is right for you and not what may be convenient for them. Visit our Wall Bed Showroom

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