For your amusement, a short video of different cartoons and movies using Wall Beds over the years.

You know the Murphy wall-bed. It folds-up and tucks out-of-sight when it isn’t needed — once a common source of laughs in Hollywood movies, providing hide-and-seek fun for the likes of Charlie Chaplin or Abbott and Costello. The truth is, these beds don’t really close-up on their own but it does make for good comedy.

As the adage goes, everything old becomes new again and the Murphy wall-bed is one “oldie” that has found a new niche that is right for the times. Making dual-purpose rooms both functional and visually pleasing is a great way to add value to a home.

When he founded the Murphy Wall Bed Company, William L. Murphy was in the predicament of more bed than space in the middle of his small apartment. The idea to have the bed fold up and pull down into a closet when not in use came to Murphy and he devised the Murphy Bed.

Today dual-purpose space solutions start with Murphy Beds Canada units with options such as lighting, storage cabinets and office components to make the wall bed an appealing addition to any decor.

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