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We know Murphy Beds. We have designed, manufactured and installed Murphy wall beds all around the GTA since 2010 and we have loads of happy customers to prove it. When you shop for a Murphy bed, you should be able to talk with someone who can answer your questions, show you what your wall bed will look like when finished and offer you options for installation and assembly that meet your needs. Beds Off The Wall can do just that.

Look no further than our space saving Murphy Wall Bed systems. Increase your usable space for guests, work, hobbies, and everyday living with the industry’s best Murphy Wall-Bed systems, kits and hardware mechanisms. Choose from our wide selection of Murphy Beds and Side Cabinets and transform your walls into practical, attractive, multi-purpose comfortable space.

Drop by our Murphy wall bed showroom and browse through our collection of Murphy beds, check out all the colours, options and fixtures and find your new Murphy wall bed Monday through Saturday.

Need to maximize your existing space?

Give us a call or send us an email. You will be able to tell instantly that you are speaking with Murphy Wall Bed professionals who will give you the right answers to your questions.

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