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Murphy Beds are In Stock and Ready for Quick and Easy Delivery or Pick-up at our Hwy 407 and Dixie Rd Showroom. Giving you the best Wall Bed components in the Industry — from hardware to substraights and fasteners — We Build The Best Murphy Bed Available Today.

With a Murphy Wall Bed you can create more room for guests, work, hobbies and everyday living. Single Vertical Pricing Starts at $1995 complete

Room for Friends and Family

With a Murphy bed from Beds Off The Wall you will feel like you have added an extra room to your home.

Making room for a better work space

Making Room for a Better Work Space

Turn the extra bedroom into an office — yet still be comfortable for guests.

In Stock or Design Your Own

Create more room for guests, work, hobbies and everyday living

Beds off the Wall stocks many sizes and colours of Bed Systems for pick up or delivery. Create your own — we will help you plan out your new Murphy Wall Bed room and assist you through every step of your purchase from design to manufacturing and project completion.

Contact us today and see what a difference Beds off the Wall can make in your space.

Why Buy Here?

We will help you plan out your new Murphy Wall Bed room through every step of your purchase from design to manufacturing.

Support & Help

Take a Murphy Moment and get answers to your Wall Bed questions. Getting Ready for your New Murphy Bed Measuring Your Space.

Fun Murphy Bed

Once a common source of laughs in Hollywood movies, these beds don’t really close-up on their own but it does make for good comedy.


Our Beds off the Wall’s Murphy Bed Sofa

Our Sofa is custom-manufactured locally to our High Quality standards. It’s available in hundreds of fabrics including leathers and new man made materials. It is a simple U frame with no back… the comfort of the sofa is built into the raked cushions. Whether you are 80lbs or 300lbs you will find our sofa extremely comfortable. When it’s time to go to sleep, just remove the cushions and the bed folds out over top of the frame effortlessly.

Our Sofa is perfect for a bachelor unit or your teenager’s room. Sofa by Day! Bed by Night! Your New Space has Endless Possibilities…

Come and try out our Sofa for yourself… It gives a simple room a multitude of possibilies…

What Clients Are Saying

Natalie Merlocco
Natalie Merlocco
Amazing customer services. Jody was so friendly and made everything quick and easy. The bed looks great and works perfectly in our office/spare bedroom.
Karen Jantz
Karen Jantz
Excellent Products - Excellent Installers - Excellent Customer Service! I love my "Bed Off The Wall"!! Thank you, Jodi ;)
Jayesh Raj
Jayesh Raj
Bob, Jody and the entire team were a delight to work with! I urgently needed a wall bed installed at a condo unit, Jody was super helpful in advising on the right color, placement, size of the bed etc. Bob helped to arrange for an expedited delivery & installation- accommodating per my availability (within two days). Excellent professional crew, came in, installed and cleaned up in just about 2 hrs!! Great quality & workmanship, genuine Murphy assembly. Would love to work with this team again in future!
Hello my name Is Andrew I'm actually of African decent who bought my bed from beds off the wall and customer service was really professional. I actually got the help I needed. Thanks to Jody and Bob I was able to find the right bed for my condo. Im really happy with my purchase by the way I never experience any discrimination or any racial matter. This is a place of business I recommend anybody who would like to purchase a high end Murphy bed with affordable pricing. I recommend beds off the wall website or office in Brampton.
Alex Rourke
Alex Rourke
Bob and Jody are terrific! Wonderful customer service. Were helpful and answered all my questions graciously. I wanted to paint the Murphy bed so Bob ordered me paint-grade MDF and it worked out really well. Highly recommend!
Stuart Patterson
Stuart Patterson
I'm extremely satisfied with every aspect of the quality, price and service I received from this family business, and would HIGHLY recommend Beds Off the Wall. From the phone consult to the in-person demonstration and selection process in their showroom, and the care they put into ensuring the right dimensions and finishes, I was made to feel comfortable, informed and important. With all of the stress of downsizing and moving, they made it easy from the get-go. Installation was quick, and their installers friendly and courteous. I will never, ever go anywhere else if I need another Murphy bed. They get my highest recommendation - forget about going anywhere else - these are consummate professionals and my experience and the result are worth every penny. To the installer: Thanks Kirby for laughing at my dad's terrible jokes. You deserve an award!
Susan Roberts
Susan Roberts
Beds Off The Wall is an amazing company. The customer service from beginning to end was professional and personable. The branded Murphy Bed system is incredible. We love our new room!
Hristo Pironkov
Hristo Pironkov
Exceptionally professional and friendly service.
Lesley Turba
Lesley Turba
I just purchased my second Murphy bed from this company. Top rate product and customer service! Beds of the Wall assisted with the take down of my original purchase/wrapped the unit up for my move and set both units up when we relocated to our new home. Kudos on both bedrooms setup with such beautiful shelving and beds. Thank you so much for the awesome professionalism for setup and cleanup from the installers. Lesley and Danniel

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Ontario's only Murphy Gold Dealer and have been for 8 years in a row

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