Maintenance and Care Tips for Your Murphy Sofa Bed: Ensuring Longevity

In space-saving furniture, Murphy sofa beds reign supreme as versatile and efficient solutions for modern living. Whether you’ve just invested in a Murphy sofa bed from Beds Off The Wall or have been enjoying its benefits for a while, proper maintenance is crucial to ensure it stays in optimal condition.

Murphy Desk Beds for Kids’ Rooms: A Space-Saving Solution

When it comes to designing a functional and organized kids’ room, space is often a precious commodity. Children need room to play, study, and sleep, and parents are always on the lookout for solutions that maximize space while maintaining a comfortable and stimulating environment. This is where Murphy desk beds

The Rise of Sofa Wall Beds: A Trend in Modern Interior Design

In today’s fast-paced world, urban living often demands creative solutions for optimizing space and functionality. Enter the rising trend of sofa wall beds, a brilliant combination of comfort, style, and practicality. This blog, Beds off The Wall delves into the increasing popularity of sofa wall beds as a trend in


What’s the Difference Between Murphy Beds and Wall Beds?

Are you looking to save some space? A Murphy bed or Wall bed may be the answer. These innovative furniture solutions allow you to add an extra bed to your house or apartment without sacrificing valuable square footage. In this article, we will review the key differences between Murphy and

10 hacks to maximize any small living space

10 Hacks to Maximize Any Small Living Space

When you live in a high-rise condo or apartment, it may sometimes be a challenge to maintain a cohesive living space. While big houses and wide, open spaces can accommodate more furniture and multiple living/working areas, smaller spaces require more deliberate selection and thoughtful décor choices. Working with limited space

Murphy bed

What’s so special about a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy Bed is a great way to utilize your existing space. Do you ever find that you are out growing your space? Or do you ever wish you had an extra room or space for a special project or quiet corner to read or meditate? Do you find yourself

The Practical Benefits of a Murphy Bed

When it comes to building a new home or renovating a house, there is one question everyone has in their mind that is what to do with the extra bedroom. Convert it into a guest room, home office, or study room, you may be confused about what to do. Why

#1 Rated Authentic Murphy Wall Bed Dealer in Ontario

Beds off the Wall is the #1 rated Authentic Murphy Wall Bed Dealer in Ontario. We use only the best hardware, substrates and fasteners in the manufacturing of our Murphy Wall Beds and Cabinetry. Our products are 100% Canadian made. Exclusively using the original and authentic Canadian made “Murphy Brand”

Why Wall Beds are a Good Investment?

We all love to decorate our houses and particularly our room to our taste and preferences. We have seen a lot of house owners having wall beds to save some space in their room. There are numerous benefits as to why wall beds can be the best choice for your