10 hacks to maximize any small living spaceWhen you live in a high-rise condo or apartment, it may sometimes be a challenge to maintain a cohesive living space. While big houses and wide, open spaces can accommodate more furniture and multiple living/working areas, smaller spaces require more deliberate selection and thoughtful décor choices.

Working with limited space means you need to be mindful of what goes into your space so as not to overcrowd it with useless or trivial items. Ideally, those living in smaller spaces should have some useful tips and tricks up their sleeves to optimize space in their homes.

In this article, we will discuss ten hacks to maximize any small living space to make your home harmonious this summer. Keep on reading to learn more about making the most out of your small space.

1.Try a folding desk

In order to properly utilize the amount of space you are living with, it’s important to choose the right furniture. For example, folding desks are a favourite among condo and apartment dwellers. This is because they can be folded up nicely and neatly after each use.

This is especially handy for people who may not use their desk all the time, but want the option in case they do. Folding desks can be neatly tucked away when guests come over so that you can open up your space completely.

2.Use mirrors in corners

Mirrors are a great way to style a home and add character while also opening up the space. The reflection from a mirror makes any room appear larger than it actually is.

A good trick is to put mirrors in corners that don’t get a lot of light in order to brighten up those spaces and make them seem less dreary. Decorative mirrors can be hung on walls or leaned up against walls and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, depending on your preference.

3.Utilize vertical space

It would be a shame not to utilize your vertical space if you are living in a condo or apartment. This means putting up floating shelves on walls or storing things high up instead of on the ground. If you don’t use vertical spaces, you may risk overcrowding your small living area and running out of options to store items.

Therefore, you should definitely put up some shelves and make the most out of wall space and height. This can also bring aesthetic value to your home and make the walls look more interesting and appealing, if done in a decorative fashion.

4.Try rolling ladders

When using vertical spaces in your small living area, you may also want to try out some rolling ladders to give the area a luxurious and fun feel. Rolling ladders are great for small libraries where books are stored up high or kitchen cabinets where ingredients may be hard to reach. Not only do rolling ladders look great, but they are also completely functional and can work to complement your small space.

5.Paint rooms with light colours

It’s no secret that dark colours make a room seem smaller, whereas lighter colours can brighten up and open up a room. If you live in a small area, it’s definitely a wise decision to use bright colours and whites to paint your space. If you do decide to use dark colours, limit their usage to one wall or simply as an accent to your space—not the whole room.

6.Embrace minimalism

You may have already heard about the benefits of minimalism from those that practice it daily. You can also bring minimalism into your home by being very selective about your furniture and design choices and getting rid of items you no longer use or need.

Make a point to get rid of clutter, and make room for the items you actually love and want to see in your home. This may mean taking a day (or a week) to clean up, having a garage sale, or donating items to your local Goodwill or charities.

7.Choose furniture with storage

Furniture that doubles as storage will be your best friend in a small space. This means investing in ottomans that open up with storage or beds that have drawers underneath, for example.

8.Round over rectangular

When maximizing the space in your home, opt for round tables and sofas instead of rectangular ones. Soft, rounded corners will be easier to fit into small spaces and more aesthetically pleasing in a small space rather than sharp corners.

9.Try an island on wheels

Another great tip to utilize space effectively in your kitchen area is to try an island on wheels. Not only can they be moved out of the way when needed, but they can also be more functional than traditional kitchen islands in that they are mobile and more easily accessible when cooking, eating, etc.

10.Invest in a Murphy bed

A Murphy bed will certainly take your bedroom situation to the next level. This is because they are easy to fold up during the day when you don’t need them anymore. They can be lifted up onto your wall to make room for a desk or office setup. This type of bed is ideal for those looking to save space and for a functional option that can work for multiple uses.

Great for working professionals, Murphy beds can enhance your small space and make your living situation more productive. Furthermore, a Murphy desk bed folds right up into a desk or tabletop so you waste no time going from sleep to work mode.

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All in all, there are many ways to maximize and make the most out of your living situation, no matter how small of a space you have. You can turn any room into a functional and beautiful space, especially with the right furniture.

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